July 1, 2010

Pool Time, Part 2

Just when you think you've got it all figured out...

Hadley's summer of swimming has gone great in this first week, but there's always bound to be a hitch when you least expect it. Hadley and her cousins were swimming at a family party a few nights ago, and all was going well: her aids were out, but Hadley was able to lip read and modulate her voice just fine. She's able to swim well enough that I could relax (somewhat) and talk with my family while I kept an eye on her. All was great...until it became dark, too dark to see faces to lip read. Night time swimming is a new thing for us! I took Hadley out of the pool so we could decide what to do. She really wanted to get back in the water, so we agreed that I would sit near a tiki torch so she could see my face. By now the darkness and bugs had driven most of my relatives inside, but a few of the bravest kept me company for another hour. Other than trying to get her attention in the dark (a noodle to the head worked well), things were fine. While I don't expect nighttime swims to be a common thing for us this summer, I might have to add a flashlight and bug spray to our car bag!


  1. Swimming has been tough enough for us. I can't imagine doing it in the dark!

  2. It was kinda hard lip-reading in the dark. I was talking to a girl named Alleigha. She was really understanding that I couldn't hear her. I ended up having a great time at the party after all! Hadley