June 28, 2010

Pool Time!

Summer is here and we are back in daily swimming lessons. Hadley's lesson takes place during open swim, so a portion of the pool is closed off for lessons while the rest is open for pool fun. This would not have worked for us when Hadley was younger-- far too many distractions-- but it's fine now. In fact, it's pretty nice because Hadley can arrive early for lessons, swim a bit, then get a little more practice in afterward.

After her last lesson, Hadley realized that some girls she knew were in the pool and went over to join them. Her waterproof hearing aids were long gone (they don't last after constant submersion), and I wondered how she was going to handle communicating, especially since these were not girls who knew Hadley extremely well. I chatted with the mom and stayed close by the pool but, in the 30 minutes they swam together, Hadley never once needed my intervention. Hadley organized most of the games, which allowed her to always know what was going on. Since there were only two other girls, Hadley was able to pretty quickly figure out who was talking. Hadley even modulated her voice, so she was neither talking too loudly nor softly. It was all just right.

Later on that night, when I was saying goodnight to Hadley, she said to me, "Isn't it great that I can do normal things, like playing in the pool with my friends?" While I'd like to think that Hadley is nonplussed by the differences in her life versus her friends, it's also great to know that she's as aware and thrilled with her accomplishments as we are.


  1. That's a great story all the way around. Was she able to understand her friends through lip reading? However she managed, what a great accomplishment for her, and it's wonderful that she's proud of herself!


  2. Yes, Hadley relied on lip reading. She can't understand gesturing, but it's amazing what she can lip read!