June 18, 2010

Prepping for Water Fun

Apparently, there's a law requiring that all early summer celebrations include significant activity with water balloons or, at the very least, water spray misters. Most of the school and sports celebrations that Hadley has attended the last few years included some serious water play. What's a kid with 6K of technology on her head to do?

Usually, if I know that an event is going to center around water play, Hadley will just wear her waterproof hearing aids. However, after several run-ins with water when you'd least expect it, I became prepared. Super Seals served us well when she was a baby, but they are expensive for infrequent use and have a short shelf life. The answer, ultimately, was the source of the problem: unused water balloons. Slid over each hearing aid, they provide enough short-term protection for a water balloon fight, water spray, or a few quick runs through a sprinkler.

It's easy to keep a few in my bag. Yes, Hadley could take off her aids but, when in a larger group of kids, it's preferable to keep her hearing and just add another layer of coverage. When the water fun is over, she just takes the balloons off and quickly dries her hearing aids to ensure that all moisture is gone.

Last weekend, Hadley celebrated the end of the softball and lacrosse seasons with some water balloon fun with her teams, worry free.


  1. Great tip...to bad that won't work for a BAHA.

  2. Janis, you're right that a water balloon only works on a behind-the-ear hearing aid. I've heard of people using Glad Press'n Seal wrap with the BAHA, but I don't know of the exact details. Instructions for doing some at-home waterproofing for a CI are available at http://www.cicircle.org/Home/ci-circle-faqs, which you may be able to modify.