October 27, 2010

Just when you think you're in for an easy ride...

The new aids arrived late last week and Hadley was thrilled to receive them (and the cool green bag; she was psyched to discover that her audiologist had ordered the "junior" package instead of the "kids". A girl can have only so many stuffed animals and puppets with cloth hearing aids on them!).

We hit a minor blip on night one, connecting the iCom to the television. I'm actually surprised that, with the extensive home theatre systems many homes have, connection instructions assume you have a 1980 television and rabbit ears. Luckily for me, in our marriage partnership, I own computer repairs and my husband holds responsibility for the television and all those wires in the back. It took two nights of thinking it out, but he finally was successful.

Hadley was rather bored with the technical side, so instead of sitting her down and leading her through the parade of options, we had her try something new every day. She was having a blast with it until...one hearing aid started to crackle.

Seriously? A brand new hearing aid, and we're already troubleshooting. After an unsuccessful night in the Dry & Store, I brought it up to the audiologist. The good news is that a new hearing aid is on its way and Hadley has a loaner in the meantime. It was interesting to hear Hadley's response to wearing the new Naida in one ear and her old Siemens in the other. This was the first time since early August that she had listened with the Siemens, and she described it as being hollow, like an echo, and somewhat robotic. I expected that she'd adjust after a few hours, but that was not the case. She was so eager to get a Naida back in her ear that I picked up the loaner and brought it straight to her at school!

Hopefully, we'll be back on track in a few more days. Hadley's ready to try out listening to the iPod through the iCom!


  1. Cool - hope she gets her replacement Naida soon. How does she describe the Naida sounding?


  2. The Naida sounds clearer and crisper to her. It took about 6 hours for her brain to adjust (at first she said it sounded hollow and robotic). She's loving them!