October 19, 2010

Decision Time!

The order is in: Hadley's new Naida V SP hearing aids will be here by the end of the week! Hadley is excited, both about the new (to her) technology in the iCom and the selection of a more glamorous casing: giraffe print! (Who knew such a thing existed?). I've already promised a movie night to try out the iCom, so hopefully there will be no delivery delays and hookup will be easy.

It's a bit of a gulp purchasing another set of hearing aids when her most recent set is barely two years old. However, Hadley feels more confident and comfortable with these aids, which is an improvement that defies traditional measurement. She can't wait to get them on!


  1. I hope she loves them and has great success with them. The giraffe print is very cool!


  2. those are cute!

    I'm getting my new hearing aids in purple :)
    and 2, I get them next year! lol