September 2, 2009

Something Unique

We're getting ready for tomorrow: the first full day of second grade! Hadley had a chance to visit her new classroom today and she was rather comforted by the fact that the room is her former kindergarten room. She also knows quite a few of her new classmates, so is looking forward to getting started. There's still some anxiety, but much more excitement.

One of the things the kids are asked to bring on the first day is something that showcases one of their unique characteristics. I was expecting anything other than the object Hadley chose: her hearing aids. She has never wanted to start the school year off by talking about her aids, but whether it was a result of yesterday's conversation or something else, she'll be bringing in the piece she wrote, "My Life", and plans to show off her new blue/green earmolds with gold glitter, her purple hearing aids, and her brand new earrings (because, after all, they are on her ears too!). She's all packed and ready to go!

1 comment:

  1. Great story Kerry. Jacqui did a presentation on the first day of school, showing off and presenting her new dark purple hearing aids she got this summer. She used Powerpoint slides and had a whole presentation/demo, including batteries, cleaning tools, cases etc.. Apparently it was well received.